Songs Written Or Modified by Adrienne Ward

A Fine Piece of Lass (Video) – Peter Proposes to Adrienne November 25, 1995 (Written by Peter Ward)

Airport Song

Affordable Housing Lament (Video)

A Visit to the Dermatologist

A Well-Regulated Militia (Audio)

Belt Buckle Polisher (Audio)

Bumper Stickers Song

California Lane Changing Demon

Cushie Butterfield

Days of the Dinosaurs I

Days of the Dinosaurs II

Dirtbag Lament (Audio)

Email Romance – A Love Song (Video)

Goodbye to My Handhold

Happy Hollow Nursing Home

Houseguests (Video)

I Love To Go A-Wandering

I’m Gonna Tell On You

If Heaven Ain’t a Lot Like Jackson

It’s A Woman

Knee Song

My Computer Is Not Working

My Doctor Is Off to Tahiti

Non-Profit Charity Blues

People’s Sunday School

Putting On The Style

Real Estate Song (Video)

The Old Days

Three Ravens Fly

Welfare Wolf


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