Days Of The Dinosaur Version II
When I was a young girl, Dad bought a TV set	
We watched "Little Rascals" in all shades of gray
Cronkite and Rawhide, and Sullivan on Sundays 
Tobacco commercials, far worse than today.
      Back in the old days, the days of the dinosaur 
      Back in the days of the long long ago.
When I was a young girl, I loved to hear music 
I turned it loud, the better to play
Beatles and Elvis, the old Kingston Trio
Dad yelled, "Shut that off - or you're grounded, I say!"
When I was a young girl, I programmed computers 
A graduate student - a slave, for no pay
(On) punch cards, Trash-80's, then Wangs and 360's
 I keyed it all in and it crashed right away.
When I was a young girl, I bought me a new car 
I begged and I borrowed the money to pay
(For a) '58 Beetle, with 36 horses
It was 20 times cheaper than my car today.
I do not envy your modern advances 
I do not wish I was 20 today
I earned a good living, climbed most of my mountains
And I'm still around, so I guess I'm OK.