A Visit to the Dermatologist

Doctor, doctor, I've got a spot
Please won't'cha tell me what it is I got? 
Is it just a freckle? Is it a pimple? 
C'mon, doc, tell me somethin' simple?
Well, young lady, you won't like my answer 
It's a pre-, pre-, pre- pre-, pre-, pre- CANCER! 
Aaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh, don't tell me that!
Whadda you know? I think yer talkin' thru yer hat!
Well, young lady, when you play in the sun
Those U-V rays will cook ya til yer done
You probably thought you'd get a nice tan
Now just hold still while I freeze it with this can...
Aaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh
Don't zap that spot! 
What'cha mean "freeze"
That feels damn hot!
Well, young lady, this'll sting a little bit,
So just quiet down, don't have a fit!  
I see ten more, this'll take a while
Ten more minutes of service with a smile!
Aaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh
You're torturing me! 
And smiling while you do it
You S. 0. B.!
Well, young lady, at last you are done
I zapped every tiny little one 
Make an appointment, I'll see you in July
Ooops, there's another one, right near your eye!

Aaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh, Aaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh! 

(Should end with a scream)

(tune: Twinkle twinkle little star...
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