The Real Estate Song (2022)
Oh my name is Lucy Local - I was born right here in town
The taxes on my little house – have really got me down
My pension and my savings – can barely pay it all
I think I’ll sell my little house –and move to Idaho Falls
	Oh the real estate bubble – it’s going up to the sky
	When will it pop– where is the top
	Somewhere in the sweet by-and-by
Oh my name is Roger Realtor – I’m really getting rich
I sold 2 houses yesterday – I’m a greedy son-of-a-bitch
I can sell your house tomorrow – it has a big back yard
4 million 3, a bunch for me – because I work SO HARD
Oh my name is Nancy Neighbor – I beg you, please don’t sell
Whoever buys your little house – will scrape it all to hell
Then build a giant mansion – to block out all my view
My taxes then will triple – and I’ll have to sell, like you
Oh my name is Bobby Builder – and I’m in great demand
I’ll build a 12-room mansion – on your little plot of land
The buyer lives in L.A. – he’ll seldom be around
So I will be the caretaker – and get to live in town
Oh mi llamo Rosa Lopez – I keep your casa clean
I drive each day from Afton – with expensive gasoline
I could never live in Jackson – your rents are way too high
My family – depends on me – we’re barely getting by
Oh my name is Larry Local – I’m Lucy Local’s son
I beg you, Mom, don’t sell it – I’m a selfish son-of-a-gun
When you die, I’ll sell it THEN – and buy myself a ranch
Maybe up in Ten Sleep – I’m waiting for my chance
Oh I’m angry with you, sonny boy – I’m gonna change my will
I’ll leave it to the Land Trust – ‘cause I respect them still
I guess I’ll stay in Jackson – and stay here ‘til I die
I’ll stay here in my little house – and spit right in your eye!

Tune to chorus: “Strawberry Roan” (more or less!)
Tune to stanza: “The Second Week of Deer Camp” by Da Yoopers

© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved