Welfare Wolf

I am a welfare wolf, I really love your town,
Whenever I see those elk out there,
I chase them round and round.
God bless your National Parks, I love the USA 
Ten thousand elk, some buffalo,
I'm sure I'm here to stay.
I have a cozy den, high up on Miller Butte. 
Endangered species rule your land,
So, no one's gonna shoot.
You got joggers on the road, doggies at their side,
In spring I'll snack on Labradors
When the elk have gone up high.
So, thank you one and all, the food is really fine,
Let's give a howl for the Refuge Pack
I'm number twenty-nine.
(Tune: "Ringtail Tom")
(Genesis: All the wolves here are descended from imported Canadian wolves
                who were brought to Yellowstone and carefully fed and nurtured
                and finally set loose to enjoy life here. The "Refuge Pack" is mythical.)
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