Mine eyes have seen the glory of the tail lights of their cars.
They’re going home to where they’re from, both near and very far.
At last we locals can reclaim our restaurants and bars!
The tourists have gone home!
      Glory, glory, hallelujah. 
      Glory, glory, hallelujah. 
      Glory, glory, hallelujah. 
      The tourists have gone home!
We have nine months of winter, leaving 3 to entertain –
From the end of May to Labor Day, an endless teeming train,
And how we all are smiling as we put them on the plane – 
Oh please take your RV home!
They come to scale the mountains and they come to run the Snake,
They come to shop for moose doo-dads and Christmas toys that break,
And by the end of August I’ve had all that I can take 
Oh please take your jackalopes home!
They leave early every morning and come starving home at night -
Because I’m kind and dumb I feel I have to feed them right –
Big breakfast every morning and a banquet every night   
Oh please strip the beds before you go!
They invite you out to dinner.  You get all dressed up to go –
Then you thank them for the hot dogs at the local rodeo –
Or it’s picnic with the sandwiches that you packed up to go 
How I long for the Snake River Grille!
If I make it through the winter it will all begin again –
The phone calls and the e-mail saying who will come and when –
Well, this time I will change things, for I’ll go and visit them!
‘Til they wish that I’d go home!

(Written by Adrienne Ward, Mary Fullerton, and Lillian McMath)
© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved