Affordable Housing Lament
My Dad said he'd buy me a condo, 
My Mom thought that would be nice 
But he changed his mind in a hurry 
When he got a look at the price! 
      Bring back, bring back, affordable housing to me, to me 
      Bring back, bring back, affordable housing to me!
Sometimes I just park out at Stilson (up at Taggart?)
And sleep in the back of my van 
The john there is certainly handy 
And I shower whenever I can.
There’s 500 jobs in the paper
There’s only 6 places to rent
Their prices are really outlandish
So it’s either my van or my tent.
I deliver the paper at sunrise, 
I’m a liftee - during the day
I work as a waiter all evening 
But I still have no place to stay! 
Perhaps there's no simple solution 
But last night while smoking some grass 
The answer came to me quite quickly 
Dig a big tunnel under the Pass! 
I wish I could buy a small camper 
And park it where ever I want 
So then I could have my own bathroom 
And dump out the tank at Gros Ventre. 
© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved