The People’s Sunday School

Young folks, old folks, everybody come,
Join the people’s Sunday School, make yourselves at home
Please to check your i-phones and Bluetooths at the door
And you’ll hear some Bible stories that you never heard before.
Adam was a gardener and Eve, she was his spouse
They got the sack for stealing fruit and went to keeping house
They lived a very quiet life and peaceful in the main
Until they had a baby and started raising Cain.
Joseph was a shepherd, he kept his father’s goats
His father used to dress him in the very loudest coats
His brothers the got jealous and they threw him in a well
Joseph went to Heaven and the brothers went to Hell.
Pharaoh had a daughter, she had a winsome smile
She found the infant Moses a-floating on the Nile
She took him to her father with an old familiar tale
Which is just about as probable as Jonah and the whale.
Jonah was an emigrant, so runs the Bible tale
He took a steerage passage on a trans-atlantic whale
Jonah in the belly of whale felt quite compressed
She pushed a little button and the whale did the rest.
Salomi was a dancer and she danced before the king
She wiggled and she wobbled and she shook most everything
The king said to Salomi, “We’ll have no scandal here”
“The hell we won’t”, Salomi said, and kicked the chandelier.
God made Satan & Satan made sin
God made a hot place to put Satan in
Satan didn’t like it, so he said he wouldn’t stay
He’s been acting like the devil – ever since that day.
(Original is VERY politically incorrect, in “Song Fest” which has music. See 1st stanza for word changes by me. May pass the “woke” test? I have not sung this in public.)
© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved