The California Lane Changing Demon
I’m the California lane – changin’ demon,
And I’m havin’ lotsa fun.
Don’t think I’m bein’ inattentive,
I’m just reloadin’ my gun.
Doncha’ dare gimme the finger
Or honk your stupid horn.
I’ll come outa my cage, with that West Coast rage
An’ you’ll wish you’d never been born.
When I go to the city
I drive on the trolley track,
An’ sometimes I drive on the sidewalk,
So you better watch your back.
On the freeway I need lotsa leeway
Cause I own all five lanes.
Keep your place, gimme my space,
Cause I’m legally insane.
Yellow light, keep on a-cruisin’
Red light step on the gas!
You sidestreet geeks are losin’
So you’d better let me past.
And here I come in the truck lane
Passin’ you on the right,
Now whiz over to the carpool lane
Cause’ there ain’t no cops in sight.
© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved