Putting On The Style

(Last four verses by Adrienne)
Young man in a carriage, drivin like he’s mad
With a pair of horses he borrowed from his Dad
Cracks the whip so lively just to see his lady smile
But she knows he’s only - puttin on the style
    Puttin on the agony - puttin on the style
    That’s what all the young folks are doin all the while
    And as I look around me - I’m very apt to smile
    To see so many people - puttin on the style
Sweet 16 and goes to church just to see the boys
Laughs & screams & giggles at every little noise
Turns this way a little, then turns this way a while
But we know she’s only - puttin on the style
Congressman from Washington, lookin mighty slick
Wants to get elected and get back there real quick
Beats his breast and hollers, waves the flag a while
He don’t know that WE know, he’s puttin on the style
Preacher in the pulpit, shouts with all his might
Glory hallelujah, put the people in a fright
You might think that Satan’s comin up & down the aisle
But it’s only the preacher - puttin on the style
See the buff sport climber, climbin at the gym
Wears that sexy lycra, so we’ll all look at him
But he’s never climbed a Teton, and couldn’t hike a mile
So we know he’s only - puttin on the style.
See the hairy boater, in his kayak green
Hoggin waves at Lunch Counter, just so he’ll be seen
He only boats on Saturday, and Sundays for a while
So we know he’s only - puttin on the style.
See the big backpacker, hiking all around
Swears he’ll hike his comrades right straight into the ground
Takes an hour’s rest stop, every quarter mile
So we know he’s only - puttin on the style.
(Original verses and more are in Rise Up Singing, The Group Singing Songbook on page 4)
© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved