My Doctor Is Off to Tahiti

My doctor is off to Tahiti – 
My dentist is touring in Spain
They’re cutting my benefits and raising the premiums
And I’m off to the poorhouse again!
     Oh it’s B.S. and Blue Cross and double-cross
     You pay and you pay and you pay
     But, buddy, just wait, till you see the new rate
     When we do it the government way!
My teeth cost me more than my kitchen
My glasses two hundred an eye
Each pill is five dollars, and it’s damn hard to swallow – 
The price of not letting me die!
If you think that health is expensive
Then listen, amigo, to me
Just let the govamint – make health an entitlement
You’ll pay twice as much when it’s free!
So who’s going next to Tahiti?
And who’s the next tourist to Spain?
Some Washington bureaucrat, prob’ly a Democrat
(And I’m) Off to the poorhouse again!
(Written in 2005. Pill and glasses prices should go up, for 2022!

Tune: “Turali-Oorali-Oorali, I’m off to the Botany Bay”, offensive British sea song.)
© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved