My Computer Is Not Working
My computer is not working,
I will call up Tech Support
They will answer all my questions – 
hope my wait is really short…
I hate HOLD, I just can’t stand it – Oh, yes, I do……
“We would really love to help you, 
In the order of calls received
Your wait will be about TEN minutes” –
If their words can be believed.

“Here in Bombay it’s still Sunday,
Leave your name & number please
We will call you back on Monday” -
Or as soon as Hell will freeze…
Now it’s Tuesday, I’m still waiting, 
For that call from Tech Support
Guess I’ll try to call again – 
Hope my wait is really short….
Now it’s Wednesday, I’m still waiting – 
My computer is still dead
Think I’ll take my 38 Special – 
And shoot that sucker in the head…
(Tune: “Vandy Vandy”)   (played in Am)

(Note: Italicized quotes best sung in politically incorrect nasal Indian-subcontinent accent.)

© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved