It’s A Woman

     I’m a woman, I’m amazing, clever and useful too 
     So stand right up on your two hind legs
     And do what you gotta do.
We got lotsa women in Congress, some on the Su-preme Court
They didn’t get there by curlin their hair, 
or wearin their skirts too short
They had brains and determination, and were willin to go all out
They had that spark, they made their mark, 
they got a right to shout…. 
Margaret Mead & Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher too
They heard the call and gave their all, they did what they hadda do
Sometimes it helps to have money, or friends with a lotta clout
But you still gotta stand on your own hind legs,
And let them hear you shout….
So be proud of what you’re doin’,
 be it teacher or lawyer or nurse
‘Cause you’re bound to make a difference – 
remember, it could be worse…
Sing your song the whole day long, do the very best you can
Be grateful for the star you are - 
‘cause you mighta been born .. a MAN!
© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved