Happy Hollow Nursing Home, Goodbye

No more nursing home for me, I’m gonna sail the sunny sea
I got those institution blues, I’m just gonna take a cruise.
     Goodbye geezers, don’t you moan, in the Happy Hollow Nursing Home
     I’m gonna sail the sunny sea, no more nursing home for me.
I checked on the Internet, to see what cruises I could get
800 a week is pretty nice, Happy Hollow’s twice the price.
The ships have lovely private rooms, the ships have tasty gourmet food,
Gambling, dancing, song, and fun, Happy Hollow sure has none

All year long, I’ll live on board, - ‘til I go to - my last reward
Love them sailors, love that booze – Happy Hollow, you sure lose!

© 2022 Adrienne B. Ward. All Rights Reserved