Belt Buckle Polisher
Howdy there, little blonde lady,   (or “big handsome cowboy”)
Haven’t I seen you before?
I’ll buy you a double Jack Daniels
We’ll take us a waltz round the floor.
     This is a belt buckle polisher, 
     I’ll hold you close in my arms
     This is a belt buckle polisher,
      I want to know all of your charms.
Well, studly, do you come here often?    (or “darlin’ “)
Hey, big boy, what is your name?            ( or “cutie”)
I’m snugglin’ up a bit closer – ‘cause…
I can’t hear a damn thing you’re sayin’!
Let’s take a walk in the parking lot
Let’s have a look at my truck
Don’t hit your head on the gunrack, dear…
We’ll sit and have a nice….talk.
Hey, sweetlips, the band has stopped playin’
I think it’s about closin’ time
I’ll get us a couple ‘a sixpacks, and….
Will it be your place or mine?

Adrienne singing at Hoot 150 on 1996-01-15

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